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Your Beauty

Your beauty mystifies me
sends me to another place.
I love it when you stare at me
makes me feel beautiful too.

I wanna touch you, but you are surreal to me.
Dreaming won't help I have to see your beautiful face,
up close and personal.

I reach out to you to feel you and everything you embody.
You beauty holds me captive.

Oracle, Oracle

Oracle can you tell me if my life
will be better?
Is there a chance of finding love as I have
been alone for a while.

Is there marriage in my future maybe even children?
Oracle I am calling on you to shed some light.
I won't budge until you tell me!!

Sunday Scribblings : Interrogation

He grilled me with questions I couldn't possibly answer.
Trying hard not to crack under his whip I shut myself down to save
what I so desperately wanted him to miss.

Left and right he tried to catch me in a lie, but I wouldn't let up.
"You will never know." I said with a smirk.
He closed in on me and grabbed my arm twisting it till it made a red mark.

"Tell me what you know!"

"I will never tell."

Holding my ground he stepped back and threw his hands up.

"I'm through."
"Aww, giving up so easily?"

I get up from the chair and stand before him.

"Never test a woman with nothing to prove."

I walked out from the interview feeling more strong than
I ever did in my life.

Mind Trip