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killing me

I closed my mouth when you closed your heart.
This tension I feel when I'm with you is clear.
It hurts me so to feel this way so we may have to talk
soon. asap!

Walking on the Edge

I like to walk on the edge.
Testing the limits, Tasting the forbidden fruits.
Caressing the dark side of life.

Dangerously sampling life's not so pretty undertones.
I like walking on the dark side. Tempting fate, testing my

Walking out

I was almost half way out the door before you stopped me.
You wanted me to stay, but how long could I take this?
It made me sad to see you cry and plead.
You know I can't stand to see anyone in pain.

I have to do what's right for me and that is to move on.
On to big and better things.
My new life awaits.
Hope you can understand that.

Unconscious Mutterings

1. Inception :: Is key
   2. Anticipation :: is liberating
   3. Space :: in time
   4. Earn :: my respect
   5. .com :: around sometime
   6. Hello! :: Goodbye
   7. Equivalent :: to none
   8. Swore :: an oath
   9. Actions :: are increasingly loud
  10. Expletive! :: behavior

Unconscious Mutterings

Jeans to Jewels

I traded in my jeans for a pair of high heels and jewelry to last a whole lifetime. I wanted to be her so that I could fill a space inside myself.

She wanted my jeans and tees life while I wanted her glamorous one. Together we lived a parallel life, only she was downgrading and I was upgrading.

It was sheer paradise until I became miserable and longed for my old life. Yes, I was happy to be in the lap of luxury, but I felt that my place was with me.

So I traded it all back and lived happily ever after.

Creation of you

If i painted a picture of your perfect
form it would not do you justice.

If words could show how much I appreciated you
then the expressions of verbs would be galore.

I often struggle with what to say, but the birth of such feelings
are many.

I am thankful for God creating a person as beautiful as you.

Fine Mess

You spilled wine all over my brand new dress!

Now I know why I am such a mess. Head swirling with thoughts of anger.
Mind tingling with anticipation to let you know how I feel. The thrill is over the fire is out the water wasted. Let's go on to the next show where I scream and shout at the top of my lungs.
You ruined my pretty little dress , so shiny and new.You ruined my pretty little dress so now  I have to ruin you.

Perfect recipe

It was the perfect recipe for disaster.
One kiss, one slit to my wrist
A nudge to take it further, I don't want another.

Heartache's sin is it enough to blend all of my souls into
one. The perfect recipe for bliss was in a song you sang to me.
broken ear drums deceitful malice in the twisted rhymes
you sang.

The perfect recipe for you to give me would be nothing, but
a symphony of blue notes locked inside a fevered heart dancing
on a broken window seal.

That perfect recipe would be you.

Facing Fear

She stood on the edge of reason trying to comprehend how she got there.
Eyes closed feeling the wind embrace her entire body. The many tears she cried came
tumbling down her face.
She wanted to believe in fairy tales and dreams coming true, but the misery of it all flooded her head space. Remembering life before it all made her feel again.
The numbness that caused her not to feel came at the price of life passing her by.

Standing on the edge, looking up at the sky thanking god for forgiving her and realizing that
she had the courage to live out loud and not apologize was all that mattered.
Her sense of feeling was all she needed to survive.

In Silence : Deep Thoughts

In the silence I stand gasping for air.
failing to see the hurt creeping up within.
I feel that I am slowly slipping away from myself and it
hurts down to the very core of me.

I feel it and I in somehow welcome it.
Pleading with my soul to take this heaviness
away it is  gone within an instant, never to return again.

The Meeting

In my mind,  I find an adventure leading  me to worlds unknown. Colors fill my visions and express  to me my need to get away. Whirlwinds of thought set me free  to roam on a mental journey through the imagination,  seeking out my adventure inside myself.