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Perfect recipe

It was the perfect recipe for disaster.
One kiss, one slit to my wrist
A nudge to take it further, I don't want another.

Heartache's sin is it enough to blend all of my souls into
one. The perfect recipe for bliss was in a song you sang to me.
broken ear drums deceitful malice in the twisted rhymes
you sang.

The perfect recipe for you to give me would be nothing, but
a symphony of blue notes locked inside a fevered heart dancing
on a broken window seal.

That perfect recipe would be you.

Facing Fear

She stood on the edge of reason trying to comprehend how she got there.
Eyes closed feeling the wind embrace her entire body. The many tears she cried came
tumbling down her face.
She wanted to believe in fairy tales and dreams coming true, but the misery of it all flooded her head space. Remembering life before it all made her feel again.
The numbness that caused her not to feel came at the price of life passing her by.

Standing on the edge, looking up at the sky thanking god for forgiving her and realizing that
she had the courage to live out loud and not apologize was all that mattered.
Her sense of feeling was all she needed to survive.