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Unconscious Mutterings

1. Inception :: Is key
   2. Anticipation :: is liberating
   3. Space :: in time
   4. Earn :: my respect
   5. .com :: around sometime
   6. Hello! :: Goodbye
   7. Equivalent :: to none
   8. Swore :: an oath
   9. Actions :: are increasingly loud
  10. Expletive! :: behavior

Unconscious Mutterings

Jeans to Jewels

I traded in my jeans for a pair of high heels and jewelry to last a whole lifetime. I wanted to be her so that I could fill a space inside myself.

She wanted my jeans and tees life while I wanted her glamorous one. Together we lived a parallel life, only she was downgrading and I was upgrading.

It was sheer paradise until I became miserable and longed for my old life. Yes, I was happy to be in the lap of luxury, but I felt that my place was with me.

So I traded it all back and lived happily ever after.