Oracle, Oracle

Oracle can you tell me if my life
will be better?
Is there a chance of finding love as I have
been alone for a while.

Is there marriage in my future maybe even children?
Oracle I am calling on you to shed some light.
I won't budge until you tell me!!


  1. Short, sweet, imperfect!!! Oracle would need some more cajoling than just this...

  2. Sorry, you will move before I do. And my answer will almost certainly be a riddle. That means there will be more work for you to do!


    p.s. That may be my answer!

  3. Try a Ouija board. (If its answers surprise you, you're not doing it right...;)

  4. Hmmm, can't really answer. Though, I will say sometimes the answers are right there but we are blinded and can't really see them.

    Also, wanted to let you know that my twitter account was hacked and I cannot get on it so if you sent me some messages or whatever I am not ignoring you. Just don't know about them and I am not going to create another account!

  5. @Heliotropism : Oh that sucks! I was wondering what happened to Great to see you! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Thankyou guys for the comments!!


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