Sunday Scribblings : Interrogation

He grilled me with questions I couldn't possibly answer.
Trying hard not to crack under his whip I shut myself down to save
what I so desperately wanted him to miss.

Left and right he tried to catch me in a lie, but I wouldn't let up.
"You will never know." I said with a smirk.
He closed in on me and grabbed my arm twisting it till it made a red mark.

"Tell me what you know!"

"I will never tell."

Holding my ground he stepped back and threw his hands up.

"I'm through."
"Aww, giving up so easily?"

I get up from the chair and stand before him.

"Never test a woman with nothing to prove."

I walked out from the interview feeling more strong than
I ever did in my life.


  1. ooh, that one line... never test a woman with nothing to prove... so true, so real, and so accurately on point!


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