In Silence : Scenes from a Cab

On the cab ride home I am forced to look at you in a way I cannot comprehend right now, but it is indeed scaring me. This nagging feelings underneath my skin and getting to me wanting me to tell you that I am about to explode with envy on your new relationship. I waited for years to be your girl and look at where it has gotten me. Nowhere! I fumble through my pockets just to distract myself from your fluorescent beauty. It shines with so much love it hurts me to think that you use it with what’s her face. Yea that girl I actually saw stalking you outside the cafĂ© on 3rd street. Who the fuck is she anyway? Why do you like her instead of me? I hate you with a passion right now, but instead of showing my anger I sit beside you in a cab holding your hand as you gently caress the inside of my palm. Why do you do this to me?


  1. A question that often goes unanswered. You can feel so much pain in this writing. I felt like I was in the cab as well.

  2. Oh great! Its funny because I was watching John Mayer's new vid and I was

  3. This makes me feel something big. I remember setting the boy I had the hugest crush on up with someone he liked.
    I honestly could have exploded with envy at some points.

  4. I feel your pain girl . . . !!!!! Tough when you actually really love them, I know!!!


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