Sunday Scribblings - First Kiss - Magical Kiss

He slid his fingers through mine as we danced a slow dance in my backyard.

His hair teased my cheek as I gently rested my head on his broad shoulders.

“I love you so much”, he whispered into my ear. I returned his I love you with a soft stroke on the face.

Our eyes danced along with our bodies to the soft music that played in the background.

A peck on the lips from me to him leads to the sweetest first kisses ever. It was like magic when our lips touched, so powerful I felt lightning bolt rays from off of us.

Definitely unforgettable and most excitingly intoxicating.


  1. Lighting bolt... I know that feeling all too well from my one true love whom I almost let get away but am trying to reel him back in. See, I hurt him so much and often that I made him not want to feel. Kind of ironic don't ya think! Beautiful piece!

  2. I remember those days well! I fell in love with my hubby whilst dancing on a second date. You can read about it on my blog. The day I met my Prince and then My beautiful beautiful wedding - the day I married my Prince.

    You have another follower:)


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